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Long time no sees and I’m here to produce my Unique and sweet Gift shop https://seagull-gifts.com 

Arts, graphic designs, photography, sewing, knitting, music, my kids, my family, and my golden retriever, nail art, cooking, and baking – are my passion.I’m Sigal, nice to meet.

A single mother to the twins, my daughter – the princess – a student of history and geography. My son – the prince – is a guy on the autistic high functioning continuum, a talented and esteemed photographer.

For the last twenty years, I have been involved in polymer clay arts, creating and teaching for many years in my home studio. I have a shop in ETSY where unique tutorials that I developed and created over the years are being sold.

When I started brainstorming about this store, I thought about what I like best, apart from art and my children – it’s giving. Gifts. To my loved ones.
Gifts are not exactly a niche, however, I am happy to put under one niche, a lot of uniqueness and color, a lot of love and giving.
You will find items that I like especially women, men, children and babies (soon), home gifts and special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more.

The uniqueness of my T-shirts and Coffee Mugs is that the ideas for products (and some of the graphic designs) are mine and you probably will not find them in any other store.

My items are spiced with the thought of who is supposed to receive the gift from you, in color – as befitting the artist – and with humor, I believe in humor as a healing tool and as a cure for difficult and uncomfortable situations in life.

I would like to invite you to be in touch with me on every request you have for a unique gift, questions about anything that comes to mind.


So, click here and join my passion.

Sigal AKA Seagull


Black Friday / Cyber Monday SALE !!!

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20% off all my Jewelry shop !!!

Enjoy and happy holidays !



black friday sale

My new Website

  • 2 ETSY shops
  • 1 WordPress Blog
  • 1 Flickr Gallery
  • 2 Facebook pages
  • 1 Twitter account

and now at last I have my own website..

Please come and visit at:



That is it !!!

Now i’m going to create…:)





So Gold !

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Gold filled crochet earrings Hoop dangle and by SigalsDesigns.

I Love hoops !

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Here is one of my latest designs for hoop dangle earrings, using my Polymer clay handmade beads and Gold filled wire.



Dangle Hoop Earrings Wire wrapped gold filled by SigalsDesigns.

Black and Gold = Chic



Black and Gold Earrings Gold filled wire crochet by SigalsDesigns.

Malachite Ring and I love it !

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Malachite Gold filled ring Semi precious stone by SigalsDesigns.

Black and Gold. Period.

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Gold filled necklace Lariat Black Swarovski by SigalsDesigns.

And how about Smokey Quartz?! by SigalsDesigns

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Pure Silver Earrings Smokey Quartz Swarovski by SigalsDesigns.

Pure Silver Earrings Crochet earrings Lilac small by SigalsDesigns

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Pure Silver Earrings Crochet earrings Lilac small by SigalsDesigns.