About Me

Hello and Welcome to my Blog ! 

My name is Sigal Barnea and I’m a Hand-crafted, original and uniquely creative artistry, sculpture bead and Jewelry designer.
Since I remember myself, arts and crafts were always a part of my life.

In creating with Polymer clay, the texture of the material can never be replicated as every contact with the material creates something novel and unique.
Hence there are an unlimited range of  possibilities — every bead and every ornament is special, exclusive and elite.

I derive inspiration for my art from professional literature, from nature, from the texture of various materials and from different artists throughout the world …

My jewelry is very carefully handcrafted using Polymer Clay my favorite material, swarovski crystals, sterling silver, goldfilled, Crochet wire, leather, bead woven art and other high quality craft materials, emphasizing on very high quality finish.

Enjoy your stay,
Sigal Barnea


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