The Wheat flower cane PDF tutorial was stolen

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Sometimes it is so hard to be an artist…

I sell my products in 3 different ETSY shops.

The Sigalsart sells Polymer Clay flower canes and accessories, Sigalsdesigns sells jewelry designs and PcPdfStore sells Polymer clay PDF tutorials.

Yesterday evening, one of my ClayMates and a friend wrote to me a private massage throw Facebook, saying that she saw one of my Polymer Clay PDF tutorials sold in “Dawanda”, which is another sales website. Upssss….

Someone took the same images from the original tutorial from the ETSY, put it in his/her Dawanda shop and took himself the permission to sell it. All my tutorials are copy right protected so no one is allowed to do business with it, except use it only for personal use.

I cannot express how awful I felt. Not just about the theft, but the fact that, artists sit hours of hours, give their blood to create, develop new techniques (it took me 2 months to develop this flower cane technique) and people do not appreciate it.

The most amazing thing that happened from this sad story,  is to discover how the Polymer Clay community in all around the world is so strong and gathered! In one hour, the whole community stood behind my partner Pinki and me, and wrote to this website, wrote to this seller, about this theft – no answers yet.

Today is a new day, hope things will be settled down and my tutorial will vanish from this website and from this shop.

All the best,


Wheat Flower Cane DF Tutorial


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