The story behind my Backgroundless flower cane tutorial

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So here’s the funny story of how I came up with my amazing popular tutorial.

Two years age (appx.) one of the Saturdays, I set on my studio to work on flower canes. if I remember well, i had an order from one of my customers in Israel. i didn’t even have my first shop on ETSY. I started of course with huge amount of polymer clay, creating blends. I think i worked 10 hours without leaving the chair. when finishing the canes, i went to bring translucent clay and upppps….i don’t have even a crumb of translucent clay…hmmmmm…..OK Sigal… now what? can you wait till tomorrow ? of course not ! need it NOW ! meantime, my brain starts to work and says to me: listen, so much time you think of how-to create a flower cane without the background, so is your PERFECT occasion to find the way.

In one hour, my whole studio was filled with the most unusual and funny materials like strange oils, gloves etc…really opened a laboratory…:) until I found the perfect way.

My conclusion..?! every defect becomes in the end to effect !

Happy creating…:)

The Backgroundless PDF tutorial


One thought on “The story behind my Backgroundless flower cane tutorial

  1. OH Sigal! you have started my creative juices going! I have about 15 kilo (no, I’m NOT exaggerating!) of Fimo just waiting for me to work… 🙂
    Your story reminds me of the story I once heard;
    Every Chinese symbol has seven meanings…One of the other meaning for “Crisis” is “Opportunity”- I’m so glad you were able to turn your crises into an opportunity! Kudos! 🙂

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